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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  July 14, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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president trump celebrating bastille day in paris but he got his eye on the senate where the last minutes wheeling and dealing underway to try and pass obamacare replacement >> let's go at 6:30. ♪ ♪. the president in paris, president and mrs. trump taking pa
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celebration along with maryland members from both countries, comes after a private meeting between president trump and emmanuel macron where they didn't discuss global security >> before heading to the parade, president trump was busy on twitter. he posted four tweets about the healthcare debate on capitol hill including this one. calling for republicans to rally behind the newly released version of the bill >> i want to point something out. look at the tweet right there. maybe not the best time to call obamacare failed because when you read that, the grammar doesn't necessarily sound like what he's supporting. the republican's plan failed, not obamacare. i wanted to point that out. >> he also is promising he will be at his desk pen in hand, meaning ready to sign something. it will be a lofty goal >> not even to get the debate to the floor. it's
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>> we'll see what happens. a lot can happen between now and then, elana from ax yos joining us, let's talk about this. we're going to see wheeling and dealing over the next couple of days, looks like the senate want to push through quickly. what could happen between now and monday? >> so right now, president trump, as you said tweeted this morning, he's putting a ton of pressure on the senate right now to get this bill through. they've been promising this republicans have bee promising this the past seven years. and so he, as it's this morning on twitter, he's basically saying we need to get this done right now through the door on to the floor. >> the other thing being talked about is the fact that they're looking at pushing this through without waiting for a cdo score on the amendment put in there to apeace senator cruz, they're looking at maybe pulling in the health and human services department to get their take on it.
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considered a nonpartisan or bipartisan department. is this something that's going to help them push it through more do you believe? >> i'm not sure, i think that not waiting for a cbo score make as lot of senate republicans pretty uneasy, especially moderates. right now, the bill is in the moderates's hands, they really have the ball rolling here. so there's only two republican that is have already said we don't support this bill, there's only one more they need now to make sure that it's not going to happen. it's very precarious situation. without a cbo score, it could really go either way. >> because we went from a couple different bills and we have the amendments added, once -- let's say the senate does get the votes, they pass it. this is to go to the house and still appears at this point, they're on track to go on recess, how quickly could this happen if the senate passes this next week, which is their best case scenario? >> so they're hoping to pass this, if they do, they're going to try to run it t
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house as quickly as possibly hopeful brooklyn august recess. it's unclear whether they will be able to that. if they can get a vote. first they need to vote on a motion to proceed and if they can't do that, it fails. if they can get it through that, also through on to the floor in a vote through that, it should happen fairly quickly but right now, there's so much grid lock, people are unhappy with this bill. there's a lot of the uncertainty in the air >> let's talk a little bit about president trump overseas in france for the big bastille day celebrations, how is his meeting with the french president, emmanuel macron, how has that been going? >> everyone is pretty surprised with the bro mans they've been having, they've embraced themselves on this trip like they haven't before. today at the parade, they were hugging each other, patting each other on the back, they both talked about their wonderful friendship, so it's kind of raised a lot of
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>> as we talk about president trump, a lot of attention paid to donald trump junior, we're getting more information about that meeting that was held and now we're hearing maybe there's another person in the mix? >> right. so it was just announced today, that an ex-soviet counter intelligence officer was also in the room and he was there on in insistans of the russian attorney >> which is the adoption, they stopped the adoption because of the magnetski act was passed in the u.s. >> exactly so the ex-soviet, they're wandering if he has tying to the russian government he said he wasn't, but fact that donald trump junior never said he was in the room, especially since on hand dethe other night, he said that's all the in
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out from this meeting. and we learn about this today, that's not the best situation for him >> we'll be continuing to follow that. that's not going away, healthcare is not going away. >> what a week on twitter. bail, that's every week. trump family has been under fierce criticism after it was revealed that president trump's eldest son done junior eagerly met with a russian lawyer who was passing dirt on hillary clinton >> the president claimed this is the greatest political witch hunt in history then went on to sources what he called the fake media, had,s gold is back. another busy week, hadas >> always a fun week with this presidency, but the tweets about don junior, seems like we go back in another cycle every time this comes up >> what do you think with donald trump junior putting out the e-mails since he knew they were going to come out
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is he helping himself? is he doing damage control or is he making it worse? give us your take on this. >> well, it was really interesting that actually the "new york times" had told done junior's team told we're going to get an extra hour to comment and at 11:00 a.m. the agreed upon hour, maybe they did did get the comment to the "new york times" as well. they decided to get ahead of the story and publish the e-mails. in a pr sense, that's sort of helpful because it looks a little bit better when you're the one putting it out there. it definitely isn't helpful pconsidering he had spent the last three days not exactly being as forthright if at the beginning of the whole process here you go, here are my e-mails, i'll tweet them out. maybe it would have looked a little bit differently than it did now. looked like he had been cornered and he was realizing, he needed to do something >> we see kellyanne conway is doing the full press and saying i applaud his transparency. there was a lot of denials about this being the case. it wasn't the case. now, here's everything out there
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on so you know, as we move forward, obviously, there's a lot of people saying fake news, fake news, but we're hearing that donald trump junior may have to testify or there's a call for him to testify? >> right. he said he's willing to testify, he's willing to talk. i can tell you that i was on capitol hill today and speaking to some top people there and they're just frustrated with this idea that they say stop acting like you're guilty. if you're not guilty, stop acting like you're guilty. stop acting like you're hiding things, it's not helpful to the things they want to accomplish. if they do these sort of statements that don't explain everything and then say, for example, as your previous guest was saying, he goes on and says this is everything and it's not everything. stories are going to keep coming out. >> we always know that twitter is the favorite mode of communication for the president. a lot of his supporters have really been active as well kind of firing back against the
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tell us a bit about what the war of words has been like on twitter over this. >> well, this whole story, i've seen it go a few different ways. i've seen it as another typical witch hunt which is what the president has tweeted about. i've also seen it as a possibly even a setup. i've seen people blame former president barack obama letting this lawyer in if he had stronger policies it would be better. i've seen people say it's not collusion. anybody could get anywhere they can it doesn't matter where it came from, especially if it was about hillary clinton >> it's good to see you once again, we started the week on final five and ending it on 5at630. a congressman is doing damage after staffers accessed nude photos of her. >> tisha is joins us with the
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>> reporter: hi, sarah and jim, we were able to confirm that those nude videoses, there were nearly a dozen images and video including the congress woman and also her husband, these two former now former staffers are facing some serious charges that could land them behind bars for years. in one of her latest posts, congress woman stacy plaskett said her privacy was invaded followed by an organized smear campaign and defamatory reports about her and her family. this comes after former staffer juan mccul em was indicted thursday he reportedly took private nude images and videos from the cell phone. the activities apparently took place in march, 2016 >> i don't think you should have naked pictures on your phone to begin with. and if you do, i don't think people should leak it
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pictures, then they wouldn't have leaked it. >> court documents say plaskett gave the aid her phone with instructions for him to take it to an apple store and have it fixed. instead, the feds say he created a fake e-mail. downloaded the images, and forwarded them to politicians and media. >> it's just absolutely not ok. i mean, they were trusted with information, they abused that trust. then took that information that they had that was damaging -- why it's damaging is a whole different story, but they took that information and gave it to somebody else. they committed a crime. straight up, like that's just not acceptable. no, it's not a sign of the times, it's a sign they're jerks, bad people. it's a sign they committed a crime. >> former congressional staffer doreen brown lewis was also indicted. there was no answer at a home listed for her, charged with obstruction of justice for reportedly misleading investigators about the case. and deleting text messages.
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there's nothing wrong with it. >> reporter: again, we've learned that it was her personal phone, now, if this sound like some type of reality tv drama unfolding, this may help you understand why juan mccullum, the aid was once a contestant on the former reality show i love new york, so he's no stranger to controversy, he was also on the hill 50 most beautiful people of politics back in 2015. this is quite the fall from grace, charged with two counts of cyber stalking, punishable up to five years behind bars, as for the other, brown lewis is facing up to 20 years in prison and she is facing two counts of obstruction of justice. tisha lewis, fox 5 local news. >> that's really strange twist of a story. following for you. >> also seeing gwen tolbert a little bit rn
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there as we're taking a look at tisha lewis's live shot >> most of it starting to move well to the east of us. take a look at radar. you can see we still have a strong line of storms over areas especially to our south and to our east across the bay, a lot happening, a lot of cloud to ground lightening in this and still severe thunderstorm watches over parts of eastern maryland into the south. but we're finally seeing a bit of improvement behind it all as we start to get cooler air settling in and that's at least going to be welcome relief but meantime a lot of heavy rainfall here, bowling green, stafford still under the gun, and as we take a look to the north, through towson and baltimore, they're seeing it as well. we do still have a severe thunderstorm watch. the frontal system is the trigger for all of this it will move its way across from tonight to into tomorrow and on the back side we'll at least see cooler air that will kick in and that will hel
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forecast over this weekend, 89 degrees for saturday, no the quite as humid, that's good news. 90 degrees on sunday. sunny and warm, nothing to complain about. here's a look at your fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast. temperatures into the week we're still going to be hang ongoing the 90's, pretty close to where we should be temperature-wise, going to get a pretty good southerly flow once we get into sunday at least. and a few storms on monday, enjoy your weekend and be safe out there. back to you. >> i'll enjoy it with a nice cool beverage, you're going to need it.
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organizers of the women's march
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together. it's a 17 mile trek. >> people are righteously fighting against the two provocative videos that the nra has put out, which is calling for their supporters and people that support trump to go after to attack when various ways, the people who are resisting this horrendous fascist program >> everybody can benefit from more stringent gun controls. and i don't think there's enough, there's too many killings. >> protesters will continue on with their demonstration tomorrow when they hold a rally at the justice department a bridge connecting years of history is crumbling at its foundation, the memorial bridge in arlington, it's in need of serious work. if you drive across it, you know that >> we've heard about this before. fox correspond douglas kennedy is sharing the story on the push to hold the bridge together. >> reporter: this bridge carries the weight
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arches >> to a story the arlington memorial bridge is true al bridge that connects us as a country >> on the washington side you got the lincoln memorial and on the virginia side, you have the house where robert e lee lived. >> and this is the bridge that symbolically binds north and south together >> unfortunately, it's a binding that's literally coming apart. as the bridge interior posts arresting away and the concrete and nine arch spans has been deteriorating for decades. all of this according to lauren lineman from the federal highway administration. >> so the center span right where we're walking is the most critical >> correct. the post are eroding and they could eventually crush from the weight of the structure. >> reporter: a nightmare scenario that prompted the park service to close the bridge to vehicles during donald trump's inauguration, possibly one
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has put repairing the bridge high on the list of infrastructure projects. >> they estimated it's going to cost $250 million to repair the bridge. what are they going to get for that. >> get the total overhaul of the bridge. it will be a complete new bridge deck, the whole way across >> horn said it's important to our past and future >> this is not just another piece of infrastructure. this is the bridge that symbolically connects our june holds it together and needs to be saved. >> reporter: given the current political climate we need the memorial bridge now more than ever. in washington, dc douglas kennedy, fox news. a send mental connection, those of us who drive on it want to be safe. >> it will create quite the traffic nightmare while they have that under construction. >> once they get the contracts out. so it's not happening yet but it will. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
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a closer look at the latest time magazine cover when 5at630 comes right back. z2ejcz z16fz
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y2ejcy y16fy
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. donald trump junior is now making his first solo appearance on the cover of time magazine where his father has been many times. it's about donald trump junior being caught red handed colluding with the russians in a series of e-mails. once the cover hit twitter, the reaction started rolling in. some were shock that the times was so blunt. >> if you seen the background, there's kind of imprints of the e-mails sent and brings to mind remember a couple weeks ago, the fake time cover that president trump had many of his gulf clubs that time magazine said you can't do that. former president clinton pose between statues of his predecessor and successor in texas. clinton was at the library to celebrate the graduates, this also got play on social media >> looks pretty cute. actually it's kind of
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>> when party like the french on bastille day. here's how to get it started. few drinks. >> apparently a giant stuffed rooster. >> it's the mascot. we'll be right back.
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president trump third overseas trip, he's been in paris it's last two days, the president and mrs. trump took part in bastille day celebrations along with the french counter parts, this was also the 100th anniversary over the u.s. entering away world war i. this is casey chapman bar manager at the bastille bar in alexandria. >> how are you doing >> what are you doing >> we got a prefixed menu for bastille french restaurant week in honor of bastille day. we're starting out with one that pairs gorgeously with our
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dish, this is our sparkling wine. and we give it the little bit of blood and marine annette's blond hir, this one is called a giotine. and next one ounce of hen democ democ democratic's gin. we call this the la deler ta. ? there you have it. >> these are all available you said along they're paired up with what's on your prefixed menu >> this one, for example, goes really nicely with -- we have a pacific salmon we're doing with a tomato, tomato >> with the er bal ty >>
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the gentleman who drank and started the revolution in france and so this one is actually made with sit dell gin. it's got 48 different herbs in it and i got a dough land dry and rouge very mouth, we'll use that to spoon ourselves drink later >> sarah what tick else your fancy here >> they all do. i'll take the one closest >> young man if i join you you don't mind if i join you here >> thank you >> there it is right there. you can see -- the brass reand bar over in alexandria, and there's the three course prefix meal >> we're at
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alexandria three blocks from braddock metro, and >> come back for happy hour, we got it on the patio every day. >> we'll see you at 10:00.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: so kim kardashian is at the hoity-toity polo lounge at beverly hills and runs into danielle bregoli. >> did kim know about her calling them all fluff and talentless? harvey: kim says no. >> she has to. harvey: kim says no. >> she doesn't watch tv or read the internet. harvey: shame on her. >> conor mcgregor, he says he can't be racist because he's actually half black. >> i'm half black from the bellybutton down! >> what if that were -- like somebody said the n word and -- >> no, no, you don't really understand. i'm really well hung. [laughter] >> beyonce shared the first photo of the twins, sir carter and


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